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How to understand the water pressure system in the UK?


Water pressure is the most important aspect while planning to install plumbing products in the UK. In case of not following it, you can face issues in using the new taps or showers. These issues can be in the form of low water pressure, cold bursts, and sporadic hot bursts. Understanding the water pressure helps you ensure that you will get what you want at the end of the installation.

The experts think that you can check the water pressure system during peak hours when through the capacity of the water storage tank and hot water.

How can we identify the water pressure system?

In case of having cold and hot water tanks at a distance, you have a gravity-fed system. You need to buy those plumbing products in the UK that can keep working on a low-pressure system. If you have a combination of boilers, you have a high-pressure vented water system. This system is flexible and can manage a variety of taps and showers single-handedly. There is another system with the name of the high-pressure unvented water system. It also allows you to incorporate as many taps as you want.

How can we calculate our water pressure?

You need to be very efficient in calculating the water pressure. For that, you will measure the distance of pipe from the water tank to the specific tap or shower. The unit of pressure is a bar, which is equal to 1.45 PA. You can calculate the distances in this way. However, the calculation must be authentic and accurate. You must understand that the taps at a long distance will face the low-water pressure issue.

Calculating accurate distance is not an easy task to do. Therefore, the best practice in this regard is to measure it to the nearest meters. In case of converting bar into meters, you can consider a meter equal to 0.1 bar. It means that five meters will be equal to 0.5 bar and so on. If your measurement is less than 1.0 bar, you have a low-pressure or gravity-fed system. If it is more than 1.0 bar, it is high-pressure a high-pressure vented or unvented system.

It is important to mention that the description page of every plumbing product in the UK tells you the minimum required pressure. These details help you a lot in deciding the best tap or shower for your home.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the manufacturers know that every home is different, and therefore, they try to keep their customers informed in case of buying their products. However, the buyers need to understand the water pressure system installed in their homes. Through this way, they can keep every corner of their home facilitated with the maximum water to use.

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